SFCT Safety Rules

  1. Speed Limit is 15 MPH throughout the entire facility.
  2. Seatbelts must always be worn when vehicle is in motion.
  3. Safety Vest and Safety shoe must always be worn.
  4. Face mask/covering must be worn when around or speaking to others.
  5. Must stay in truck cab; container Inspections, locking/unlocking of pins are authorized only at the Inbound/Outbound lanes, problem resolution and green zone barrier.
    • Prepare chassis pins before proceeding to Top Loader or RTG areas.
  6. Stop at all intersections and end of container rows.
  7. Cannot use cell phone or other mobile communication devices while vehicle is moving, this includes any type of iPod/phone earpiece/headset being worn.
  8. No driving between container stacks or any opening spaces in the rows.
  9. Do not drive behind Top Handler or Reach stacker working in container stack/rows, or any other blind spots.
  10. No Turns or U-Turns when on or adjacent to RTG Pads – traffic flow on RTG pads is from East to West.
  11. Container Handling Equipment (Top loader, UTR, RTG, Forklift) always has the right of way.
  12. Cannot leave vehicle running or unattended when out of view or more than 25 feet away.
  13. Do not drive under any part of a suspended spreader bar or container.
  14. Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, no tailgating.
  15. No photography of any kind, without the express written consent of SFCT Terminals.
  16. No weapons are authorized on the facility, even if you have a concealed weapon permit.
  17. Must comply with all requests given by terminal security personnel.
  18. Report any accidents or injuries to SFCT Terminals management immediately.
  19. No repair work on vehicle/chassis while in the yard.
  20. During service by Top Loader or RTG; must keep driver side window down to facilitate hearing of horn signals.
  21. Must use headlights during inclement weather and after sunset.
  22. Do not park on or block designated painted walkways.
  23. Do not block intersections or roadways with your truck and/or chassis.
  24. Must only use designated restrooms / wash stations / porta-john.