Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is the FA Date?

The FA Date is the first available date for the pickup of import cargo.

The FA Date is usually entered in the terminal system at the close of business.  So, you may see that your container has discharged today and is on terminal with customs and shipping line releases but not ready for pickup.

The FA Date is always the next business day after vessel discharge.  The business day begins at 8 AM.

  1. The “Free Time” period for import container storage begins on the FA Date.
  2. Weekends are not counted against free time during the free time period.  For example, when FA Date begins on Friday, the weekend (Saturday, Sunday and holidays) are not counted as free time.
  3. When free time has expired, weekends are counted as storage days.  For example, free time expires on Friday.  The weekend days are counted as storage days and demurrage charges are applied to the container.

The following examples are other reasons for import containers not available:

 Container not located in parking slot on terminal.

Container in a government inspection area.

Container block stacked due to high import volume.

FA Date not entered in terminal inventory system.

What is LANDING$ hold? 

The LANDING$ hold prevents import container delivery until the marine terminal landing surcharge is paid. Effective October 1, 2018 for import containers arriving on vessels, the fee is payable online at website .  Look for the Payment Options menu.

What is Yard Location NOLOC?

Yard Location NOLOC indicates that the container has discharged from the vessel and is on the terminal.  The container has no parking slot.  Import Container pickup is prevented until container position on terminal is verified with a valid parking slot.  Container location is updated the next business day after vessel discharge which is also the first available date for pickup.

What is an LQV?


Random exam done upon discharging vessel, were CBP inspects containers for seal integrity, compares manifest against actual cargo and is also looking for contraband. Container is sealed up with a CBP seal and new seal list is forward to the SSL. Terminal charge is $171.00

Why is my container fully released but not available?

Double stacked/block stacked could be a reason

Container is not available due to congestion at the terminal this is based on the YARD LOCATION

1N, 2N and many others found on the home page terminal status. Container will be made available ASAP.

What is Export hazardous pre-advise?

To receive an export hazardous container the SSL must pre-advise the container number against the booking into our system. Please check container information (booking inquiry) enter your booking number and look for pre-advised block if your container number is there you are ready to bring your container into the port for gate in.

Do you provide escorts to enter the terminal?

We do not provide escorts for anyone. All personnel must have a valid TWIC id and a port id to enter our facility. Out of town truckers will be allowed to enter with TWIC and valid driver’s license.

How do I get a TIR/EIR reprint

Please go to our home page and look for Services tab EIR reprint. There are instructions there how to use.

How much does an exam cost?

Rates are posted at our home page under HELP DESK?

What is the NO GENSET hold

The NO GENSET hold is applied by the shipping line owner of the container.  Only the shipping may authorize the Terminal to deliver a live reefer container with NO GENSET.  Putting the NO GENSET hold on the container notifies the Terminal staff that this container may be delivered without a genset.