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Gate opens 8 AM on Friday 21 September.

Empty returns information:

Please go to the Services Tab above and click on Empty Returns for information on which empties we are receiving.


Customer Notice – Terminal Landing Surcharge – Effective March 15, 2017

Effective for import containers arriving on Vessels on or after March 15st, the tariff item 520 “Terminal Landing Surcharge” of $29.50 will go into effect. To avoid cargo delays, please make a payment at, when cargo arrives, and click on the Payment Options tab (on line payment).


If there are any questions, please contact Eddie Montoto at 305-347-3810.

Drivers Safety Reminder

All Drivers must use the problem resolution booth for all inbound trouble tickets.

Drivers are not allowed to walk outside the marked pathway at the Gate area.

Any Driver observed walking outside the pathway will be asked to leave the premises and face disciplinary action from the terminal.