Wire/ACH Payments for South Florida Container Terminal

Wire/ACH payments will be updated upon receipt by our bank, please follow all instructions below

Bank Address:

Bank of America
901 Main Street
Dallas, TX 75202

South Florida Container Terminal

For ACH Transfers
For Wire Transfers
ABA#/Routing# 111000012
Account# 4426604439
ABA#/Routing# 026009593
Account# 4426604439
Swift code: BOFAUS3N
Tax ID# 26-3160095

Steps For Sending SFCT a Wire/ACH

  1. Wire Payment is submitted by Customer
  2. Once the Wire Payment has been sent and received by APM Terminals Bank, Customer must send E-mail to AMRDEMURRAGE@APMTERMINALS.COM (please do not send until wire has been received)
  3. On the E-mail the Customer should have all pertinent information.
  • Container #, Terminal, what you are paying for (Exam/Demurrage - If Demurrage, the date you are paying through)
If no E-mail is sent to AMRDEMURRAGE@APMTERMINALS.COM after receipt of the wire, we will not be able to update your cargo with a release.

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